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The partial activity scheme in France

20 April 2020

Emilie Ducorps-Prouvost , Attorney at law - Partner - Employment Law |

We made a document to explain the partial activity scheme in France.

Partial activity (otherwise known as "short-time working" or "technical unemployment") is a mechanism that allows the temporary suspension - in whole or in part - of employees' activity in order to deal with exceptional circumstances.

In this document you can find:

  • What is partial activity?
  • What compensation is paid by the employer to its employees?
  • What allowance is paid by the State to the employer?
  • Should the CSE be consulted on the implementation of partial activity?
  • How to file a request for partial activity?
  • What are the penalties for fraudulent use of the partial activity scheme?
  • Are foreign companies that have employees on French territory eligible for the French partial activity scheme?
  • Is there an obligation to impose the taking of paid holidays or rest days before partial activity is set up?
  • (...)

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This document is up to date as of April 7th, 2020 and is based on the texts in force at that date, namely the provisions of the Labor Code as recently amended by Decree n°2020-325 of March 25th, 2020 and Ordinance n°2020-346 of March 27th, 2020.